Kent worthies

Three more worthy blogs for your perusal, all from Kent-based birders. The first up is Martin Casemore's 'Ploddingbirder'. He seems to be out in the field, camera in hand, on an almost permanent basis, mostly on Walland Marsh and Dungeness, which as any regular visitor to North Downs and beyond will know, I consider to be my spiritual home. Secondly, a blog from one of Kent's top listers - Mike Buckland's 'Travels with Birds', - who has recently returned from Japan. His spectacular images of several species of crane (many in their thousands) are but some of the many highlights on offer. Last but not least is Paul Trodd's Plovers, more birding thrills from the worlds best shingle peninsula. All three offer vicarious birding at its best.

Whilst adding the above blogs to my list I had a 'moment' and accidently deleted all of my other worthies! Then blogger decided to play up, so I will repopulate when it allows me to...


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