Pots and kettles

This is a very healthy Spurge-laurel at Juniper Bottom (between Box Hill and Mickleham Downs). Most early springs will see me posting an image of one (or several) of these plants ... and there I am cracking on about people posting images of Wheatears! Pots and kettles indeed...

My wandering up the Juniper Bottom valley was rather good, with a fly-over flock of at least 12 calling Hawfinches, up to seven Marsh Tits, a few Siskins and, icing on the cake, a Raven flying over Juniper Top itself - a NDB uber patch tick no less. I think this is how I ought to approach my birding in the coming months - don't actually go out with the intention of doing so, but carry my binoculars just in case.


Factor said…
You have a remarkable ability to find birds when not looking for any... I remember the Lesser Redpoll (and the odd Mealy Redpoll) flock at Headley Heath a couple of years ago, plus a few other birds at Canons you've seen.

I had a smashing view of a Raven on the other side of the A24 at Denbies vineyard last week.

I would be keen to know where you saw the Marsh Tits.
Steve Gale said…
Hi Neil, I think this just goes to show that regardless what you are looking for, the birds will come and find you! As for the Marsh Tits they were easily found on the valley bottom footpath that leads from the White Hill car park.

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