A starfish miles from the sea

If you go down to the woods near Oxshott today, you're in for a big surprise...

No teddy bear's picnic, I'm afraid, but something even more bizarre - Starfish Fungus (Aseroe rubra). After having seen Red Cage during the week I'm positively overdosing on exotic fungi. A big thanks to Seth Gibson for the precise grid reference that led me to a fine cluster of these beauties in several states of development.

Fully 'out', with a slick of foul smelling gunk on top
An egg, awaiting to give birth to an alien like the one above
This one's gone over, looking like a tideline corpse - more marine than mycological


That's two quality aliens I am now envious of!
Steve Gale said…
I'm being greedy now Andrew, I want to see Devil's Fingers as well
Gibster said…
Good hit, mate! Graeme has a site for Devil's Fingers. But I think it's in Sussex (boo hiss spit...) Of to check the "new" Clathra in a mo, hopefully it will be in full glory :)
Steve Gale said…
I went on Wednesday morning and couldn't find it!
Gibster said…
Oops! Forgot to update you, it was still unopened but showing a vague hint of red at the top. So should be opening about.....now!

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