Another Rambler!!

Back-to-back Ramblers! The BTO and the RSPB award medals to people for saving species from extinction and habitats from destruction, whereas Neil Randon confers greatness upon birders for writing streams of bile and opinionated poppycock... well, maybe in my case he does. The annual Randon's Ramblings Awards (click here to see the whole event) has just been announced and North Downs and Beyond was up against Wanstead Birder and The Portland Naturalist for the title of Birding Blogger of the Year. And, blow me, we won...

Comiserations go to Jono and Sean, who must wonder how a bloke who hardly goes out into the field can upstage them with being awarded such a nationally prestigious award. Those envelopes stuffed with twenty pound notes that I leave for Neil in the Fisherman's Car Park at Holmethorpe may go some way to explain how these things work.

Now, can I make it a hat-trick? Can I emulate the great Bayern Munich side of the mid-1970s who won three European Cups on the bounce? Can I go for a double and bag 'Patch Birder of the Year' as well, seeing that I am getting out there again in 2015? Maybe I will need to replace those twenties with fifties for that scenario to come true..


Steve, I really enjoy your musings, always check when something new is up. What I like best is the variety, you never know what you are going to get! All the best for 2015! Jono
Steve Gale said…
That's kind of you Jono. All the best to you too?
Anonymous said…
Hi Steve, Well deserved! Just wanted to say thanks for all the blogs this year - I have thoroughly enjoyed them and am looking forward to see how you get on in 2015 based in an area I grew up in though before I was so interested in wildlife. It will be interesting to see what I might have missed! Hope to bump into you one day and all the best for 2015.
Steve Gale said…
Thank you Stephen. May you have a good 2015 and if you find yourself in the area then do let me know and we can partake in a bit of local patch birding.

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