Nature is art

The work of Jackson Pollack? Paul Klee? Mark Rothko? No, it's an abstract produced by one Mother Nature, using the medium of lichen. Stunning, isn't it? If you want to see more artwork like this, don't bother going to your local gallery, but visit a churchyard or stone wall near you. The show is open all year round and entry is free!


Unknown said…
And Mother Nature doesn't get sly by charging for entry to 'seasonal exhibits'.

Having said that, I rather enjoyed a few paid exhibits in London's museums/galleries recently and the best was Sherlock Holmes at the London Museum as well as Gothic at the British Library.
Steve Gale said…
I didn't catch either of those Andrew. I was in the National Portrait Gallery last Monday, but didn't pay to enter the William Morris exhibition.
Unknown said…
We tried to fit William Morris in but there wasn't enough time even though we had six days. London never fails to provide.

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