These are my favourite Twitter conversations that I (possibly) read during 2014...

BillyBigTicks 13 grey geese over Walland Marsh, possibly White-fronts
PipitShagger1974 10 White-fronts and 3 Bean Geese on Walland Marsh, showing well by Stringer's Corner
BillyBigTicks I thought three of them looked bigger, lol
PipitShagger1974 2 Taiga and 1 Tundra Bean, 6 adult and 4 first-winter White-fronts. My weekends in Norfolk are paying off Who's the daddy?
BillyBigTicks Top birding mate!
Birdguides The 13 Walland Marsh grey geese have been confirmed as Greylags

SidNoMates Robin at Spurn
DesperateBirder82 Where?
SidNoMates By post 45, seaward side of road
DesperateBirder82 Did you get a good view?
SidNoMates Red breast and shit
DesperateBirder82 Are you still there?
SidNoMates No, in Crown and Anchor
DesperateBirder82 On site now but no sign of Robin
KingWankLister I'm on my way from Teeside, please keep looking - need it for my Spurn list
DesperateBirder82 What! Not seen Robin at Spurn, you low lister????
KingWankLister Haven't actually been to Spurn before, so mega keen to nail this one
SidNoMates On second thought, it might have been a Chaffinch...
DesperateBirder82 Chaffinch reported at Spurn by SidNoMates
KingWankLister I'm on my way from Teeside, please keep looking - need it for my Spurn list

KentTopBirder Just been to the RSPB reserve at Dungeness. Car park a bit of a crush.
LimpingLister KentTopBirder reports a car park thrush at Dungeness
Birdguides MEGA! Catharus thrush reported at Dungeness.

TossEr BOOM! This is my 1,000th tweet this month!!
GullIble Well done mate, top tweeting!

To all of those birders who do use Twitter - please keep tweeting! I enjoy the rush of information each day, I can vicariously live your experiences and (secretly) enjoy every BOOM! and rare. Even the inane banter has its charm... It has been rumoured that a band of experienced birders from one of the UK's birding hotspots have mischievously invented a Twitter game called 'Fame', in which they challenge each other to post a series of increasingly brief and banal tweets. I've got news for them - there seem to be thousands of birders already playing it!


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