December wind-down

I cannot help it, but come December I find that my urge to 'do stuff' out in the field slumps dramatically. I put it down to the impending New Year, when all efforts become re-doubled, the freshness of the new year promises all sorts of rewards and anything is possible. There is a general malaise as the year limps to a halt, never more so than those few days between 27th-31st December that I long ago consigned to the 'not worthy of effort' bin. This is, of course, sheer folly but I doubt that I will change the habit of a (almost) lifetime in 2014.

But as much as the recording and watching in the current year may be slowing down to a halt, hopes and plans for the next year are taking centre stage. I'm already gathering myself together in readiness for my (very) local project and have a number of target species in sight. The 'unknowns' are tantalising - what will they be? I will soon find out, but only after the ritual of treading-water in December has been endured.


Factor said…
Can't wait for 2014 to come to an end, to be honest!
Steve Gale said…
I'm not surprised Neil after the difficult year you have endured. Here's hoping for a kinder 2015.
Steve Gale said…
Soon be March Jono - Wheatears!!!

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