Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mid-summer finches

With the nights continuing to be warm and the whiff of migrants still in the air, this mornings MV catch was disappointing, but did include this True Lover's Knot, a species that isn't quite annual in the garden.

I haven't mentioned birds for a while, mainly because I've been preoccupied with plants and insects, but also because there has been little to grab my attention. There has been an unusual trickle of Siskins over the last fortnight and I have picked up one or two on each day. Today, whilst sitting in a Walton-on-the-Hill pub garden (life can be hard at times) a Crossbill noisily flew overhead, which is species number 94 for the 'inner patch' 2015 list (94% of target total). Maybe an autumnal spurt of avian activity can see off a certain Northumbrian naturalist...


Derek Faulkner said...

Also been a lot of Swifts and juv. Swallows going south this last few days Steve, it seems Autumn is a tad early this year.
Seeing your mention of your patch count, I've been bird watching around 55 years now and yet couldn't tell you what my total life count is, or indeed my patch count, never been my thing, I just enjoy seeing birds.

Steve Gale said...

Ordinarily Derek I couldn't have told you my year list total, but this year I have entered into a friendly competition with Stewart Sexton, a fellow blogger and Northumbrian birder.