A 'two butterfly tick' day

During breakfast in the hotel gardens, a large butterfly flew past us, alighted on a nearby flowering bush, and my first Plain Tiger was safely logged! This African species had started to colonise the coastal fringes of Southern Europe in the 1980s, and is now established in Majorca. My butterfly day had only started - while spending the morning on the beach, a gentle 'pattering' of Painted Ladies headed purposefully northwards, and my afternoon wander up the Boquer Valley revealed up to six Striped Grayling, the second totally new butterfly of the day.

Talking of the Boquer Valley, although the timing was poor (mid-July, mid-afternoon), the birding was with plenty of highlight. Great views were obtained of both adult and immature Booted Eagles, up to 6 Eleonora's Falcons spent most of the time in view, a male Blue Rock Thrush teasingly appeared but for a few seconds and a Raven 'kronked' onto the holiday list. Tomorrow I will head back up the valley earlier in the day, and with the company of Steve Thomas. The valley has much yet to reveal if my past visits are anything to go by.

Elsewhere, a spotty juvenile Nightingale was in Gola Park and up to 4 Audouin's Gulls were patrolling the beach opposite the Uyal Hotel.


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