Channel View

Channel View is a run-down dwelling that can be found on the beach at Dungeness, close to the new lighthouse. Last October I was lucky enough to find (or re-find) a Dusky Warbler in the vegetation just SW of the property, and the bird stayed for several days, loyal to the tamarisks and brambles in Channel View's front garden (when not in the nearby beach scrub). A constant stream of admirers passed through, standing around the edge of the abandoned building, waiting to hear the tacking call and latch on to the fleeting views of the warbler. Ever since then, when I visit the shingle, I search the same area I have described above, with the joy of that discovery still fresh in my mind. So I was more than interested to see this post on one of the Dungeness-themed websites.

I just hope that they haven't grubbed out the Dusky Warbler friendly garden!!


Ploddingbirder said…
The garden vegetation has all been grubbed out! At the moment a huge caravan is on the site while the builders re-build the property, probably around the railway carriage Steve.
Steve Gale said…
Martin, I find that quite upsetting. The scene of a previous goody gone just like that...

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