Old posts, new visitors

A blog cannot survive on stats alone, but sometimes a boost to the ratings is good for the soul. I do keep an eye on how many people out there are looking in on ND&B, and which posts seem to be popular. The stats monitor can sometimes throw up unusual viewing habits, and did so this morning. For some reason my spoof post about rare bird hoaxes (click here to revisit it) that was published on 9 July 2013 had been visited 143 times so far today... most strange. By then looking at my traffic sources I could see a big push coming from a Dutch birding forum, where one kind soul (Sjaak Schilperoort) had linked my bird hoax post to his comment - which, being in Dutch, I have no idea what it says.

This bit of retrospective post boosting follows hot on the heels of an upsurge in visits to the 'Bohemian Chinese Pond Heron Rhapsody' post, due to my shameless re-plugging of it on the day that the plastic perfectly wild bird was welcomed onto Category A of the British List. You can click here to see that one again if you want.. With stats going through the roof due to the exhuming of old posts, this rather negates the need to come up with fresh material.

Now, what else have I got at the back of the cupboard?...


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