Back on Majorca

North Downs and Beyond has decamped to the north of Majorca for ten days. As with all of my previous trips to this Mediterranean island, it is a family affair, with the wildlife a secondary consideration - however, my binoculars and camera have made it into the luggage, and I have a few target butterflies and plants on the radar.

The Pollenca area has had to put up with a succession of north Surrey birders in recent weeks, with Neil Randon having just returned to the UK, and Steve Thomas currently residing at Port de Pollenca.  Thankfully my later arrival means that I can benefit from a bit of acquired local knowledge. The hotel  where we are staying overlooks the beach and has an area of reed and scrub behind it. Without any effort on my part at all, three Audouin's Gulls have been seen (2 adults and a second summer), a family of Spotted Flycatchers are being most confiding in the hotel gardens, both Fan-tailed and Sardinian Warblers are calling from the scrub, and a motley collection of Shags are sitting off-shore.

My time in the field may be limited, but I doubt that it will be dull.


Factor said…
Deeply envious. Trying to orchestrate another visit in September! My one glaring omission during our stay was Audouin's Gull. Only went to the beach twice, once while visiting the port's market, and only for a few minutes to sneak a view of these gulls, but came away empty handed. Not complaining though. Loved it out there.
Steve Gale said…
If you needed a reason to return Neil then Audouin's is it!!

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