Monday, 29 August 2016

Recent garden moths

I've been largely negligent as far as recording the garden moths here in Banstead this year. The MV has rarely been operated, and I don't really know why. However, with the recent heat, and with it the accompanying muggy nights, I have been stung into action. Migrant wise it has been the expected fayre - a few Silver Y, xylostella, ferrugalis and noctuella. Tree-lichen Beauty, White-point, and Jersey Tiger are all present and correct still. A few Maiden's Blush (there has been some forum discussion that some of these might be migrants, but I usually record a few here every summer).

This morning saw the years first Orange Swift (top) and a micro that I have not knowingly recorded before, even though it is very common, Celypha lacunana (left). As always, I am open to correction.


Stewart said...

Its amazing that you've not had lacunana in the garden before. It is one of ( maybe the) commonest micros here found from May - September in almost every trap.

Steve Gale said...

Stewart, we can put that down to my erratic recording of micros, rather than any true reflection of its status here.