Friday, 23 December 2016

A Christmas dozen

JANUARY A murmuration of Black-tailed Godwits over Pulborough Brooks
FEBRUARY The basis for a future painting - male Reed Bunting and buds at Holmethorpe
MARCH The early promise of the summer to come in the form of a Small Tortoiseshell at Canons Farm
APRIL Lilliputian flora at Dungeness - Early Forget-me-not
MAY Green Hairstreak warming up in the morning sun, Chipstead Bottom
JUNE A day at Box Hill with the DSLR camera capturing Sainfoin on the southern slopes
JULY The Boquer Valley spills into the Med, with Balearic Warblers and Eleonora's Falcons to ease the journey
AUGUST Perennial Sow-thistles at Langley Vale Farm - the commonplace becomes art form
SEPTEMBER An orthopteran snacking Stonechat, Canons Farm
OCTOBER Adult Caspian Gull at Dungeness
NOVEMBER Golden dawn at Dungeness
DECEMBER It's either a Robin or a clump of Mistletoe...


Gavin Haig said...

Nice. I think May and October are my favourite two, though June and August run them close. Your final photo reminded me that I once came across a flock of Waxwings feeding on mistletoe in Windsor Great Park; now that would have made a nice December pic!

Steve Gale said...

I've Photoshopped the Waxwings out Gav...have a peaceful holiday my friend.

Factor said...

July for me - it brings back happy memories -and August because it is a great photo. November's great too.

Steve Gale said...

You cannot beat a bit of Boquer Valley action, can you Neil...

Derek Faulkner said...

March for me, not so much for the lovely shot of the butterfly but for the fact that you can feel the exciting warmth of that early Spring day coming back out of the photograph. Also love the fact that you're often prepared to make the ordinary look good, as in August.

Steve Gale said...

There is beauty in the ordinary Derek - I doubt my wife would have married me otherwise!!!