Friday, 9 December 2016

Photographic Phriday

The local birding scene is being very good to me at the moment, with plenty of interest and the odd surprise ready to leap out and take me unawares. This morning had me visiting the River Hogsmill in Ewell, which was sandwiched between two brief stops at Priest Hill. With all things being relative, it was a case of time being well spent and rewarded.

The Hogsmill at Ewell is a narrow, winding watercourse that is shallow and well vegetated
With several Moorhens was this furtive, camera-shy Water Rail. A Common Snipe had just been flushed from a bed of Water-cress.
Grey Wagtails are commonplace along this stretch, sharing the area with Kingfishers and Little Egrets
Mistletoe at Priest Hill - well, it is almost Christmas!
Let it never be said that I ever pass up the opportunity to pap a Stonechat - this female at Priest Hill


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I love small watercourses like that, the grey wagtails reminds me of the Valency in Boscastle

Steve Gale said...

I know that well Simon, a real grotto of a river. Seen Dipper right in the middle of the village a couple of times.

Benton said...

2 little egrets now regularly seen along Green Lanes about Chambermead