Saturday, 3 December 2016

FA Cup egret

Venue: Gander Green Lane, Sutton

Event: FA Cup second round, Sutton United v Cheltenham Town

I was standing with fellow birder Frankie Prater and his son James. As normal, if the three of us are watching Sutton play, our conversation is a mixture of football (when James gets involved), or birding (when James glazes over). This afternoon was no different. Yesterday's Cattle Egret was a conversation piece, as was my observation of a Lapwing flying over last Saturday's Sutton v Aldershot match. We joked that if the football was boring we could always revert to sky watching for birds. "Maybe even a Cattle Egret" quipped Frankie.

Twenty minutes later we were watching a Little Egret sail over, low and to the west... Frankie wasn't far wrong with his prediction!

The score? 2-1 to Sutton, the winner scored deep into injury time. Not a bad afternoon all round.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Little egret in a sugar beet field for me today, scared off by some teenagers illegally motorbiking

Steve Gale said...

They get everywhere Simon - Little Egrets AND teenagers!

jemeoin said...
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