Green stuff

Just to prove that I don't only have eyes for chunky finches, these plants grabbed my attention while I was out and about yesterday. Don't worry - normal Hawfinch service will be resumed very soon!
Hart's-tongue. A common enough fern, but to see it in such profusion is an arresting sight. This was just a small area that the species was blanketing on a dank slope above Betchworth Quarry. I also learnt that this is a different place to Brockham Quarry - until now I believed the whole complex to be under the former name.
Cornelian-cherry, an introduced tree that is found sparingly across northern Surrey. This specimen (at the base of Box Hill) is being choked by Ivy. Flower detail (below)


Derek Faulkner said…
A refreshing change of subject matter Steve, however, is there a reason why the print was so small that I almost needed binoculars to read it.
Steve Gale said…
That is the standard caption font Derek.
Ric said…
I was never a botanist Steve, but I'm starting to get a grip on a few plants thanks to you.
Steve Gale said…
That's good to hear Ric - a brilliant side-line to the birding.

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