I'm putting together an article on the current Hawfinch irruption in Surrey and thought you might be interested in the following numbers:

Total Hawfinch bird/days in Surrey since October 7th

My personal Hawfinch bird/day total since October 16th

Highest count - from Bramblehall Wood on March 13th

Number of locations in the county to have recorded the species

And there's still April to come...


Ric said…
These are epic numbers Steve, and accurate too.
My Hawfinch are fewer and less accurately counted, mainly because I've usually been running when I come across them.
I've had most birds from less than a mile from where I live, to a point three miles away.
From multiple encounters, I'd say the Hawfinches number around 100. That's the Ruislip woods area. The other site near Stanmore has maybe a dozen.
Since the influx, I've recorded Hawfinch on 58 separate days.
Steve Gale said…
Great stats Ric. We have been truly blessed to be so close to the action during this irruption.
Steve Gale said…
They are without precedent Simon

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