The sound of Hawfinches

Hopefully, if you click on the video link above, you will be able to hear the sound of several hundred Hawfinches (for the best result, turn the volume up high!) They were part of the 325+ present at Bramblehall Wood this morning. It was a very quick show from the birds today, with the first birds perched up by 06.50hrs and most of them heading up the slope and onto Ashurst Rough by 08.00hrs. The video was taken at the narrowest gap between Bramblehall and the footpath beneath the Rough. I was able to get ahead of the flock and count them as they crossed the field - much like counting Long-tailed Tits - as they moved in a sedate and unhurried passage. Subsequently visits were made to Betchworth Hills (another 11 Hawfinches) and Brockham Quarry (just the two).


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