2019 projects

It's always good to have a few projects on the go. As much as aimless, unformed wandering around in the world of natural history is more than acceptable, I do like a framework to be in place. So, in no particular order, here are my projects for next year. Others may be added.

Surrey v Northumberland patch challenge in which I will take on Stewart Sexton in a straightforward birding competition, using our local areas to see who can reach the highest percentage of our personal historical totals. I will have two totals - Uber and mini-uber. The higher one will be submitted.

Sussex and Surrey plant hit list - a trawl through the literature and a leaning on local botanist's knowledge will be employed to set up a number of botanical targets within these two fair counties.

Local allotment bio blitz, just round the corner and a place where a few of the plot holders have set up an enviable local nature reserve. I have been granted a key and aim to visit throughout the year on a weekly basis to record some of the wildlife.

Wisley 'wild' plants - my sister has kindly gifted me a year's membership to the RHS. I already own Barry Phillip's guide to the wild and naturalised species to be found in the extensive Wisley grounds (a close RHS garden) so my entry to them  - to track down such desirable species as Purple Toothwort - will be free. Visits throughout the year.

Uber patch plants, keeping a list throughout the year, if for no other reason to make me keep practicing identifying critical groups. It is so easy to ignore crucifers and the like otherwise...


Dylan Wrathall said…

Such un-quantifiable pursuits of enjoyment. Let's hope 2019 is everything you wish for as you continue to explore our natural world of thrills and wonderment. Whatever happens, keep blogging as it's great to read about aspects of outdoor hobbies which I have no concept - Dyl
Steve Gale said…
Thanks Dyl, and may I send such positive thoughts back to you!

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