Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Frozen chalk

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that can arrest you. A frosty morning had largely been burnt off by the warm sunshine, but there were one or two frost hollows on Epsom Downs that are just that touch colder than the surrounding land. Whilst walking across a mixed ploughed/stubbly field, a twinkling from the ground alerted me to the iced chunks of chalk on the surface, not unlike large un-cut diamonds. It was some sight, a veritable carpet of jewels laid out across the Surrey downland.

Bird wise it was a fair session, with a minimum of 135 Skylarks in the Epsom/Walton Downs area (including a flock of 70), plus a surprise flushed Common Snipe and seven Red-legged Partridges. Thrush numbers have fallen even further.

STOP PRESS I've just noticed that this is ND&B's 200th post of the year - where does all this drivel come from? Four out of the past five years have now hit the 200+ posts. I obviously have too much time on my hands, suffer from Tourette's of the keyboard and have quite clearly developed an unhealthy need to connect with the virtual world. Same again next year then...


Ric said...

Can't help you there Steve. Must be a talent you have along with other prolific bloggers.

Fortunately, you seem to have the ability to churn out masses of stuff without appearing to repeat yourself. That has to be a skill attributable to natural authors.

Keep going and more power to your keyboard.

Steve Gale said...

Thank you Ric, that's appreciated.