Sunday, 2 December 2018

Not quite yet

What's at the end of that rainbow then? A Waxwing invasion? More Hawfinches? An Ivory Gull? Or, heaven forbid, a Wallcreeper? December is a strange month for me. I cannot help but take my foot off the pedal a bit. Fewer plants to find. There are moths on the wing still, but the garden MV is not at its most productive. And as for the birds, it can be a great time, particularly if the weather takes a turn for the worse, but I find myself starting to 'rest up' for the festive season and preparing for the start of the new (2019) campaign. Looking back at the year just gone becomes a pastime, one that most bloggers turn into the dreaded 'Review of the Year'. Yes, that is coming, but not quite yet.


Ric said...

Steve, there cannot be many like you who can put a name to just about every living thing that crosses your path.
I can do an ok job of that myself, but at the other end of the scale are those whose knowledge of the natural world around them is so lacking, it's breath taking.
Sad to say, it's that almost universal ignorance that is the biggest danger to our environment today.
We see the changes over time.
The masses see nothing apart from the next meal.

Steve Gale said...

Ric, thank you for the kind and thought-provoking words. I may well put a name to everything, but that doesn't mean that those names are all correct!!

Ric said...

Steve, we at least try to engage in the world around us.
I saw a family out for a walk the other day and every one of them (four) had their heads down staring into a phone.
The wild life reserve they were in may as well not have existed.