Thursday, 13 December 2018

Aug - Dec: photographic highlights

To end up this lazy blogger's review of the year I thought a few of the more arresting photographs would suffice. They are all taken with a bridge camera, so if you want to see 'big boy's' stuff, go and visit Jono (Wanstead Birder) or Martin (Ploddingbirder). You will find them both under the 'Worthy Blogs' panel to the right.

AUGUST: Dungeness
This Beautiful Marbled has been on my wish list ever since I first became aware of it back in 2004. Although still very rare, the number of moths being recorded seems to be on the increase. It didn't disappoint.
SEPTEMBER: Scotney, Kent
Only just Kent, as this Slender Hare's-ear was found growing by the roadside just a few metres from the county boundary sign. A more modest plant would be hard to find, but has bucket loads of charm when you really look.
AUGUST: Dungeness
This American Black Tern decided to make the RSPB Burrowe's Pit home for over a week. The dusky flanks, dusky underwing and smaller size did make the bird easy to pick out although took a great deal of  birding know-how from the finder, Stephen Message. This image is here just to prove that even at distance, the humble bridge camera can be useful.
SEPTEMBER: Charmouth, Dorset
I spent a few days getting to know the cliff tops, under cliffs and beaches of this under-watched part of the coast. The weather was not conducive to great birding, with a Cattle Egret being the highlight.  Stunning scenery though.
OCTOBER: Denbigh's, Surrey
I did quite a bit of vis-migging in the county, with two heavy thrush days which resulted in 2,000+ and 4,000+ movements of Redwings (at Juniper Bottom and Banstead respectively). On this particular morning the fog was laying in the low ground between the North Downs and the Greensand Ridge, making for an ethereal dawn. There was little vis-big to back it up, but with such an unforgettable vista that was soon forgiven.
OCTOBER: Whipsiderry, Cornwall
Maybe one of the better bird portraits that I have been able to produce. This Corn Bunting was very tame and kept still!!
NOVEMBER: The Brooks, Kent
A high tide, strong southerly wind and weak shingle bank conspired to produce this spectacular breach, with the sea poring into the hinterland. Luckily I was stood on higher ground - just!


dmcjournal said...

A very nice look back over the year and some special pictures.
Having moved from a Canon to Fuji system recently I was lacking a longer lens so I've joined the bridge camera club too for opportunities just like these.

I have no doubt that you are not finished with December yet but I'm already looking forward to seeing 2019 through your eyes and words.

Steve Gale said...

Thanks Dave, and I look forward to seeing your own take on next year.

Marc Heath said...

Someovwly photos there Steve. I think that Corn Bunting shot is one of the best I've seen. Lovely lighting and pose.

Steve Gale said...

It was shortly after first light Marc and remained perched on that stem for five minutes, taking little notice of me. Glad you like it!