That figure is the number of hits this blog received yesterday.


It is a load of old b#llocks.

On a good day I might have 500 that come and take a peek at my modest wares. It’s normally between 350-450. But not 5,492.

A bit of detective work suggests a lot of visitors from the USA and Philippines, via a whole raft of dodgy sounding entry sources, although strangely enough also from some of my linked blogs. It is all down to bots making hits to big up other sites, to fool analytics into creating back links to the offending sites, all fake news, all a part of our crazy digital world that I am fast realising is broken.

As an antidote, let’s have a picture to sooth our fevered brows...

"See that bloke's ice cream over there? Reckon we could fly over and nick it?"


Skev said…
You prompted me to have a look, same anomally with 4271 pageviews mostly from the States and the Philippines. Though I didn't get any spurious nonsense comments!
Dylan Wrathall said…
Steve - I once had 18,000 hits, from India - not a single comment, in an hour - these spam-bots are weird entities and completely beyond my understanding. The stats generated are great for the ego, but mean jack shit when taken in this context. Take care - Dyl

Yossarian said…
Man City fans I suspect, just checking to see you weren't crowing too much.
Ric said…
Digital world broken?

Well, there's a level of disruption caused by the dangers of instant mass communication aligned with the natural impulses of people - hence twitter and facebook.
It's a completely unnatural entity.

So broken! it shouldn't even exist to start with.

Reap what we sow.

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