Wheatear challenge update

We are half-way through the ND&B Wheatear Challenge and it would appear that we have two 'White-arse heavyweights' slugging it out for the trophy, both 'men of the shingle' and both uncompromising in their adherence to all things Wheatear. Unless there is somebody lurking in the shadows, waiting to spring a late flurry of images, then our winner is likely to be either:

Martin Casemore (Ploddingbirder) who has so far posted 22 Wheatears (one of those above),


Paul Trodd (Plovers Blog) who lags behind by just two with 20 Wheatears.

And we still have 27 days to go. Where is Jono? What about Gavin? Lucy? - all three of them previous winners of the crown? Is Martin about to become the first 'double' winner, or is the Bedford Plover readying himself for white-arse glory? And will Jono Lethbridge's 2015 winning total of 33 Wheatears be broken?


There have been perhaps 4 Wheatears on my patch this spring, and I've seen one of them for approximately 3 seconds. Is there a Parakeet award?
Steve Gale said…
Now, there's a thought for 2020!
Hi Steve *waves from Warwickshire*. No chance to defend my title unfortunately unless the little fellas turn up in my garden. Perhaps I need a big sign saying “This is Ivinghoe Beacon. Honest”!
A worsening of ME/CFS has wiped me out for the last couple of years, making me largely housebound and more zombie than human. Hoping there will be a degree of remission eventually but you just never know with this disease.
Anyway, very grateful for your blog and its wider community :-)
Steve Gale said…
Lucy! Lovely to hear from you! I'm sorry that things have been bumpy - here's hoping to a calmer spring and Summer. Please take care.

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