Doesn't hurt to dream

The north Cornish coast abruptly changes from lying on a west-east axis to become largely one that heads south-north. And this is where I find myself, at Porth. Where Katrina and I are staying is on a cliff top, the house looking out directly along the cliffs towards Trevose Head in the distance. By turning our heads to the left it is open sea all the way to North America. I wouldn't mind living here. Sea watching from your armchair - literally.

So far there has been little to quicken the ornithological pulse. Ravens are a constant, Rock Pipits displaying above the garden, Gannets and Fulmars gliding past, a single Swallow heading in off the sea eastward. But it looks good. I see clumps of bushes and imagine Yellow-browed Warblers at the very least each autumn. Every open area of grass must hold a Hoopoe each spring. But, of course, birding is not really like that. Doesn't hurt to dream though...


I loved Boascastle when I was there, although walking along the cliffs was a challenge for my fear of heights
Steve Gale said…
There are some spectacular falls to be had if you stumble, that's for sure
Derek Faulkner said…
My dream county, impossible to go there and not fall in love with it.
Steve Gale said…
We keep coming back Derek!

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