Porth Reservoir

It’s always a pleasure to visit a new site. I had heard of Porth Reservoir via the CBWPS website and was aware that it is frequently covered albeit by a small number of birders. I decided to walk there from Porth (which took an hour) and was impressed with what I found. It is a long, narrow body of water, flanked by woodland on its southern and eastern flank. At the western end, where I entered the reservoir, I flushed a group of four Common Sandpipers from the dam, but apart from a single Kingfisher the birding did not improve. No doubt regular visits would pay dividends here. Botanically I was pleased to find so much Common Valerian, although it was a clump of the alien Pickerelweed that stole the show. Also of note was the number of Odonata on show - surely there lurks a Lesser Emperor or two...


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