Dragon's-teeth and chalky corners

Cut-leaved Gremander
Wild Candytuft
There's a chalky corner of north-east Surrey where a couple of caring botanists have cultivated a number of scarce plant species from Surrey-sourced seed. This has been done with the blessing of various organisations. This 'nursery' acts as a back-up to the vulnerable wild populations, so that if ever they should disappear (at the likely hand of man), the species will still exist within the county and could be repopulated by the offspring of those very same missing plants.

This chalky corner is tended to rather than managed, and it is incredible how well some of the species that are present just set seed with wild abandon (unlike at their 'wild' sites). Broad-leaved Cudweed, Wild Candytuft, Basil Thyme and Cut-leaved Germander are spreading away from their original seeding sites with vigour. Night-flowering Catchfly, White Mullein, Prickly Poppy, Rough Poppy and Hairy Rock-cress are just some of the other plants being looked after.

There are also some other species present, seed that has been donated, such as Dragon's-teeth, Shepherd's-needle and Bythinian Vetch. It is a privilege to be able to visit this living botanical museum with the chance to get familiarised with species that would be otherwise difficult to see.

Night-flowering Catchfly


Yossarian said…
Excellent pix Steve.
Steve Gale said…
You’re too kind Adam

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