Wednesday, 1 April 2020

A new month...

#BWKM0 ND&B garden challenge
DAY 13

A new month, another update. Please keep your birding results coming, it makes fascinating reading!

OUR COMBINED TOTAL IS 112 SPECIES   We still seem to be missing Little Owl, Kingfisher, Firecrest, Treecreeper and Brambling. Today's additions were: Pink-footed Goose, Barnacle Goose and Crossbill.


New entries

Richard F (Pinner, Middlesex)
Garden list of 62 species.
Highlights: Little Egret, Oystercatcher and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Josephine S (Leatherhead, Surrey)
Garden list of 40 species.
Highlights: Hawfinch

This brings our 'garden collective' up to 42.


Garden firsts

Arjun D (Wallington, London) - Wigeon

There have now been 28 garden firsts across the competition.


Garden focus
Richard P's garden in Charmouth, Dorset. Elevated views of the Jurassic Coast and English Channel.
Looking west. It was up there that Richard found and photographed a Pallid Harrier a few autumn's ago.

Other news from around the gardens

Arjun D (Wallington, London) has fallen under the spell of the black magic that is called 'noc-miggery', but he has recorded Water Rail, Moorhen and Wigeon because of it. 41 species and counting.

Ed S (Farncombe, Surrey) is another exponent of the dark art, which is how he has bumped his total up to 65 with an Oystercatcher. His Swallow was by more conventional means.

Wes A (Capel, Surrey) had another morning of Chaffinch passage but remains stuck on 63 species.

Richard F (Pinner, Middlesex) has reached 35 species.

Debbie S (Portland, Dorset) is on 33 species that includes Willow Warbler.

Bob S (Worcester Park, Surrey) is up to 21 species with Red Kite being the pick.

Sean M (Pinner) has reached 33 species and predicts his next new bird will be Greenfinch.

Ian S (Sidcup, Kent) observed his first Chiffchaff of the year this morning.

Matt P (West Sussex) has reached 67 species, with highlights being a Hen Harrier and Great White Egret.

Michael D (Craster, Northumberland) is recording a number of species that other gardens are not, including a skein of 100 Pink-footed Geese. His total is now on 44.

Bernard B (Ruckinge, Kent) may not have connected with the eagle that is flying around not that far away from his garden, but has added Peregrine, Raven, Skylark, Mallard and lapwing while trying. 43 species.

Mark D (Dorking, Surrey) can thank a Song Thrush for making it 44 up.

Sam B (Enniskeane, Cork) adds Crossbill to his and our cumulative list which takes him on to 48 species.

Martin C (Lydd, Kent) has gone all plastic today, his 58 species now containing both Pheasant and Barnacle Goose

Steve G (Banstead, Surrey) is up to 47 species courtesy of a modest Skylark and Mallard.


Early league table (Top 10 species seen)

This is just for a bit of fun, who's recorded the most species so far. Remember, the overall winner will be based on their percentage score, so a high species total will not necessarily win it. Or you could be like me, laid-back and just enjoying the ride with no hope of winning anything... it is, after all, the taking part that counts in  #BWKM0

Matt P 67
Ed S 65
Wes A 63
Chris P 60
Martin C 58
Sam B 48
Steve G 47
Richard P 47
Michael D 44
Mark D 44
(some of this data may be not up to date)


Seaninpinner said...

Great to see a fellow Pinner birder join our growing group. Richard F, please do follow me on Twitter (@seaninpinner). Be good to compare notes.

Steve Gale said...

Richard F is not on Twitter Sean.

Seaninpinner said...

That’s a shame

The Hairy Birder said...

Hello Steve,

Is it possible for me to join your lock-down garden birding competition please? Don't worry if I am too late.
If it is possible what do you need from me, and how do I send my results in to you.


Steve Gale said...

Hi Seumus, come on in!

Just leave a comment with your historic garden list (as at March 20), any highlights and your location (plus initial of surname)

As we go along just drop me a comment on how many you are on since March 20th and any highlights. As often or not, up to you. It’s all very laid back.

Fleetwood Bird Observatory said...

Hello Steve,

My historic garden list is 67, and highlights have included Coot (1 record), Dunlin, Common Sandpiper, Med. Gull, Great Spotted Woodpecker (only 1 record), Raven, Sedge Warbler, Fieldfare, Tree Sparrow (1 record)and Tree Pipit.

I'm located in Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire (between Blackpool & Fleetwood).

The initial of my surname is E; Seumus Eaves.

Since March 20th I am on 20 species with highlights being Pink-footed Goose, Buzzard, Coot (fly-over during darkness), Oystercatcher, Curlew, Meadow Pipit and Linnet.



Fleetwood Bird Observatory said...

Hello again Steve,

I've just noticed that I am logged on as Fleetwood Bird Observatory. I have three Google accounts and I have just been adding records to the Fleetwood Bird Observatory blog, hence posting as FBP.



Gibster said...

First Lockdown Shag here in Uig, always a thrill ;) Puts me on 27spp.