Wednesday, 29 April 2020

So near...

#BWKM0 ND&B garden challenge
DAY 41

Epsom Downs, Surrey. Yesterday morning. You peer out of an upstair's window and there, on the windowsill, is sitting an unfamiliar bird. Exotic and bedraggled. All salmon-pink with black-and-white barred wings - and look at that crazy crest! What is it? It's quite tame, sitting out the heavy rain, so you take a picture. Fortunately you know somebody who is interested in birds and show them the image. A Hoopoe! A rarity from the continent, so best not release the news in these times of social distancing, otherwise you will have a gaggle of rule-breaking birders peering over the fence. You look out for it several times during the day, but it isn't to be seen. It has gone.

Thanks to Josephine S for the alert. Neither she, or myself, saw the bird. I would like to acknowledge the observers for their permission to use the picture, but it is best to maintain their anonymity to put off any birding detectives from trying to track them down. This bird was most probably within a mile of my house. If the Hoopoe is reading this, you are more than welcome to pay me a visit!


OUR COMBINED TOTAL (BRITISH ISLES GARDENS) IS 181 SPECIES   Still to be recorded are: Arctic Skua, Arctic Tern, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Kingfisher, Whinchat.

Today's additions are: Pochard (Alastair F).

Our oversea's gardens (New Zealand and Albania) add an additional 26 SPECIES  

You can find the combined #BWKM0 list by clicking on the right-hand tab above.



Alastair F (West Mainland, Orkney)
A historical list of 100 and a lockdown total of 61 species so far.

Our 'garden collective' stands at 61


Garden firsts
Isaiah R (New Malden, London) - Moorhen

There have been 193 garden firsts across the competition.


Visual interlude - #20 Footpaths
I feel a sense of calm by just looking at this image. It beckons.

How are we getting on?
Alphabetical order by first name. The first figure is the garden score as on March 20th. The second is since then (as up to date as I am aware).

Alastair F (West Mainland, Orkney) 100/61; Arjun D (Wallington, Surrey) 74/67; 
Benne A (Tirana, Albania) xx/40; Benno W (Goodnestone, Kent) xx/42; 
Bernard B (Ruckinge, Kent) 107/63; Bob S (Worcester Park, Surrey) 86/36; 
Callum M (Hemel Hempstead, Herts) 64/61; Cheech A (Langley Vale, Surrey) xx/38; 
Chris P (Claygate, Surrey) 43/41; Daniel W (NW London) xx/xx; 
Dave B (Chatham Islands, Pacific Ocean) 30/29; Dave P (Shoreham, West Sussex) 55/44; 
David S (West Raynham, Norfolk) 87/64; Debbie S (Portland, Dorset) 155/50; 
Dylan W (Thanet, Kent) 111/57; Ed S (Farncombe, Surrey) 79/83;  
Gavin H (Bridport, Dorset) xx/52;  Geoff B (Chessington, Surrey) 69/28; 
Gill H (Tenterden, Kent) 60/31; Gordon H (Redhill, Surrey) 80/46; 
Ian K (Leigh, Surrey) 62/37; Ian S (Sidcup, Kent) 113/52; 
Ian W (Merton Park, London) 86/50; Isaiah R (New Malden, London) 76/59; 
John P (Banstead, Surrey) xx/xx; Jono L (Wanstead, London) 83/68; 
Josephine S (Leatherhead, Surrey) 40/40; Justin T (Charmouth, Dorset) 59/32; 
Mark D (Dorking, Surrey) 59/58; Mark H (Littlestone, Kent) 135/74
Mark N (Stutton, Suffolk)  77/62; Martin C (Lydd, Kent) 140/92; 
Mathew B (Wrotham, Kent) 33/52; Matt P (Pulborough, West Sussex) 126/111; 
Michael D (Craster, Northumberland) 106/62; Mike P (Malling, Kent) 70/64; 
Mike R (Battle, East Sussex) 97/53; Oscar D (Chiswick, London) 67/64
Paul D (London) 84/44; Pete B (Shadoxhurst, Kent) 101/52; 
Phil B (Ramsgate, Kent) 54/30; Rebecca G (Balham, London) xx/15; 
Reuben B (Tufnell Park, London) 45/45; Richard F (Pinner, London) 63/35
Richard P (Charmouth, Dorset) 101/78;  Robin S (Cranleigh, Surrey) 101/55; 
Sam B (Enniskeane, Cork) 67/69; Seamus E (Thornton Cleveleys, Lancs) 67/42; 
Sean M (Pinner, London) 50/40; Seth G (Uig, Skye) 64/57; 
Stephen R (Harrogate, Yorks) 66/47; Steve C (Guildford, Surrey) 66/38; 
Steve G (Banstead, Surrey) 92/70; Steve T (Ewell, Surrey) 59/39
Steve W (Hawes, N Yorks) 91/64; Stewart S (Howick, Northumberland) 131/77; 
Stuart C (Walkern, Herts) xx/63; Sye W (Aston Clinton, Bucks) xx/42; 
Tony B (Woodford, London) 69/53; Wes A (Capel, Surrey) 96/88



Gibster said...

OH MY WORD!!!! Haha, that is just incredible! It's always a non-birder that finds these (was it Bill Oddie in his BOLBBB that said it was only housewives and vicars that find Hoopoes? I think so).

BirdingCheech said...

I live in Langley Vale, could you please ask that bird to even just pop by the woods, doesn't have to be my garden. I would like to say that this blog has been very nice to read and see all the updates regarding the observations from people's gardens. Whilst not exactly my garden, the lockdown has forced me to explore more of Langley Vale woods than I had before and so far this year I have seen 24 new species in Langley Vale during my once daily walks around the woods. There are even a few more birds that have been observed that I have yet to see. This blog has shown when we open up our eyes we can see so much more that we may have expected.

Also if I can ask, how come more people don't use eBird to record their sightings. I have not seen anyone else submit any sighting for Langley Vale on eBird.

bengiebabe said...

Wow..... Absolutely love these birds. I lived in France a few years ago and was very fortunate to see these birds regularly in my garden and the surrounding areas, don't suppose it will 'visit' down my way in Thanet though...

Bernard B said...

Hi Steve, Hobby #64 and I see Feral Rock Dove is on your #BWKM0 list and since seen every day, #65 I suppose.

Steve Gale said...

Thank you for the comments. Cheech - a lot of birders use BirdTrack, myself included. That is one of the reasons why you may not be seeing records from Langley Vale.