Friday, 10 April 2020

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#BWKM0 ND&B garden challenge
DAY 22

These posts are starting to look a bit samey, a bit monotonous, so how about an injection of colour and a change of pace - a daily image that will take us away from our gardens and to places (or species) that are unattainable at the moment - at least for the most of us. It will appear, with its caption, above the garden lists.

OUR COMBINED TOTAL IS 152 SPECIES   We still seem to be missing Pochard, Tufted Duck, Ringed Plover, Dunlin, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Kingfisher.

Today's additions are : BLACK KITE and Yellow Wagtail (Martin C), Nightingale (Matt P)


Our 'garden collective' stands at 56.


Garden firsts
Matt P (Pulborough, Sussex) - Nightingale
Justin T (Charmouth, Dorset) - Hobby
Mike P (Malling, Kent) - Nuthatch
Dylan W (Thanet, Kent) - Common Scoter

There have now been 115 garden firsts across the competition. Just in case you were wondering why Martin C's Black Kite isn't here - it's his second from the house!


Visual interlude - #1 Dungeness, Kent
This was taken from the top of the old lighthouse, looking towards the east-south-east. I first visited the shingle kingdom in 1976 and have been a regular visitor ever since. Many of us have fallen under its spell over the years. It is not just about the birds, as the peninsula has an exceptionally varied and rich natural history, but also boasts an other-worldliness that defies meaningful description. One of the most cherished periods of my life was when I acted as Assistant Warden at the bird observatory in 1979. I was already smitten with the place, but during those glorious months it buried its roots deep into my psyche. I was planning on visiting frequently this Spring - I just hope that the freedom to do so will exist once again in the coming Autumn.

How are we getting on?
Alphabetical order by first name. The first figure is the garden score as on March 20th. The second is since then (as up to date as I am aware).

Arjun D (Wallington, Surrey) - 74/59; Benno W (Goodnestone, Kent) xx/37;
Bernard B (Ruckinge, Kent) 107/53; Bob S (Worcester Park, Surrey) 86/30; 
Callum M (Hemel Hempstead, Herts) 64/xx; Cheech A (Langley Vale, Surrey) xx/36; 
Chris P (Claygate, Surrey) - xx/37; Dave B (Chatham Islands, Pacific Ocean) 30/18;
Dave P (Shoreham, West Sussex) - 55/39; David S (West Raynham, Norfolk) - 87/56; 
Debbie S (Portland, Dorset) 155/34; Dylan W (Thanet, Kent) 111/48;
Ed S (Farncombe, Surrey) - 79/76;  Gavin H (Bridport, Dorset) xx/41;  
Geoff B (Chessington, Surrey) 69/27; Gill H (Tenterden, Kent) 60/25; 
Gordon H (Redhill, Surrey) 80/41; Ian K (Leigh, Surrey) 62/33; Ian S (Sidcup, Kent) - 113/48; 
Ian W (Merton Park, London) 86/41; Isaiah R (New Malden, London) 76/47; 
John P (Banstead, Surrey) xx/xx; Jono L (Wanstead, London) 83/59; 
Josephine S (Leatherhead, Surrey) 40/33; Justin T (Charmouth, Dorset) 59/32;
Mark D (Dorking, Surrey) 59/50; Mark H (Littlestone, Kent) 135/67:
Mark N (Stutton, Suffolk) - 77/60; Martin C (Lydd, Kent) 140/78;
Mathew B (Wrotham, Kent) - 33/42; Matt P (Pulborough, West Sussex) 126/88;   
Michael D (Craster, Northumberland) 106/54; Mike P (Malling, Kent) 70/57; 
Mike R (Battle, East Sussex) 97/50;  Oscar D (Chiswick, London) - 67/51;
Paul D (London) 84/35; Pete B (Shadoxhurst, Kent) 101/43;
Phil B (Ramsgate, Kent) 54/30; Rebecca G (Balham, London) xx/8;
Reuben B (Tufnell Park, London) - 45/42; Richard F (Pinner, London) 63/35;
Richard P (Charmouth, Dorset) - 101/60Robin S (Cranleigh, Surrey) - 101/50; 
Sam B (Enniskeane, Cork) - 67/58; Seamus E (Thornton Cleveleys, Lancs) - 67/32; 
Sean M (Pinner, London) - 50/36; Seth G (Uig, Skye) 64/49;  
Stephen R (Harrogate, Yorks) 66/38; Steve C (Guildford, Surrey) 66/36; 
Steve G (Banstead, Surrey) - 92/64; Steve T (Ewell, Surrey) 59/36;
Stewart S (Howick, Northumberland) 131/50; Sye W (Aston Clinton, Bucks) - xx/31;
Tony B (Woodford, London) 69/45; Wes A (Capel, Surrey) - 96/76


Gibster said...

49 for me now, Steve - Tawny Owl and Willow Warbler being the newbies. Was hoping to hit 50 before the migrants arrived - close! :)

Ric said...

Steve, somehow I'm thinking this project has the making of a 'paper' somewhere.

Fleetwood Bird Observatory said...

Hello Steve,

Another addition for the lockdown period for me is Greylag Goose, taking me to 33 species up t0 and including 10th April.



Seumus E Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire

Michael Drage said...

Willow tit (a belated regular, must have been self-isolating), grey heron and swallow take me to 57

Chris P said...

A swallow makes 38 for me and I've worked out my original garden list (I had a village one!) which is 43.

Steve Gale said...

Thank you all once again. Ric, the list is up!