Sunday, 12 April 2020

Easter sunshine

#BWKM0 ND&B garden challenge
DAY 24

Stephen R kindly supplied this image of a Red Kite, above his garden in Harrogate, Yorks.

OUR COMBINED TOTAL (BRITISH ISLES GARDENS) IS 154 SPECIES   We still seem to be missing Pochard, Tufted Duck, Dunlin, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Kingfisher. 

Our oversea's gardens (New Zealand and Albania) add an additional 14 SPECIES

Today’s additions are: Ringed Plover (Wes A)

You can find the combined #BWKM0 list by clicking on the right-hand tab above.


Steve W (Hawes, N Yorks) 
An all-time back garden list of 91 species.
Highlights include: Common Scoter, Osprey, Merlin, Waxwing, Tree Sparrow

Our 'garden collective' stands at 58.


Garden firsts
Gill H (Tenterden, Kent) - Moorhen
Richard P (Charmouth, Dorset) - Moorhen
Oscar D (Chiswick, London) - Greylag Goose
Mike P (Malling, Kent) - Wheatear
Ian K (Leigh, Surrey) - Greylag Goose
Cheech A (Langley Vale, Surrey) - Tawny Owl and Skylark

There have now been 124 garden firsts across the competition.


Garden focus
Mike P (Malling, Kent) has this open vista at the bottom of his garden. Up until recently it was an orchard.

Visual interlude - #3 Pewsey Downs, Wiltshire
This downland is drenched with traces of our ancestors, with burial mounds, ancient pathways and chalk carvings. My own forefathers come from the small villages at its base. I have spent happy days wandering the slopes, timeless hours in the search of orchids and rare invertebrates. You can still find Corn Buntings and Tree Sparrows here without too much difficulty. A place where I feel totally at peace. 

How are we getting on?
Alphabetical order by first name. The first figure is the garden score as on March 20th. The second is since then (as up to date as I am aware).

Arjun D (Wallington, Surrey) - 74/60; Bene A (Tirana, Albania) - xx/30;
Benno W (Goodnestone, Kent) xx/37; Bernard B (Ruckinge, Kent) 107/54; 
Bob S (Worcester Park, Surrey) 86/31; Callum M (Hemel Hempstead, Herts) 64/61;
Cheech A (Langley Vale, Surrey) xx/38; Chris P (Claygate, Surrey) - 43/38; 
Dave B (Chatham Islands, Pacific Ocean) 30/19; Dave P (Shoreham, West Sussex) - 55/41; 
David S (West Raynham, Norfolk) - 87/56; Debbie S (Portland, Dorset) 155/41; 
Dylan W (Thanet, Kent) 111/50; Ed S (Farncombe, Surrey) - 79/76;  
Gavin H (Bridport, Dorset) xx/43;  Geoff B (Chessington, Surrey) 69/27; 
Gill H (Tenterden, Kent) 60/29; Gordon H (Redhill, Surrey) 80/42; 
Ian K (Leigh, Surrey) 62/37; Ian S (Sidcup, Kent) - 113/48; 
Ian W (Merton Park, London) 86/42; Isaiah R (New Malden, London) 76/51; 
John P (Banstead, Surrey) xx/xx; Jono L (Wanstead, London) 83/59; 
Josephine S (Leatherhead, Surrey) 40/34; Justin T (Charmouth, Dorset) 59/32;
Mark D (Dorking, Surrey) 59/50; Mark H (Littlestone, Kent) 135/61:
Mark N (Stutton, Suffolk) - 77/60; Martin C (Lydd, Kent) 140/79;
Mathew B (Wrotham, Kent) - 33/43; Matt P (Pulborough, West Sussex) 126/89;   
Michael D (Craster, Northumberland) 106/57; Mike P (Malling, Kent) 70/58; 
Mike R (Battle, East Sussex) 97/50;  Oscar D (Chiswick, London) - 67/52;
Paul D (London) 84/35; Pete B (Shadoxhurst, Kent) 101/43;
Phil B (Ramsgate, Kent) 54/30; Rebecca G (Balham, London) xx/10;
Reuben B (Tufnell Park, London) - 45/42; Richard F (Pinner, London) 63/35;
Richard P (Charmouth, Dorset) - 101/64;  Robin S (Cranleigh, Surrey) - 101/50; 
Sam B (Enniskeane, Cork) - 67/58; Seamus E (Thornton Cleveleys, Lancs) - 67/33; 
Sean M (Pinner, London) - 50/36; Seth G (Uig, Skye) 64/49;  
Stephen R (Harrogate, Yorks) 66/40; Steve C (Guildford, Surrey) 66/36; 
Steve G (Banstead, Surrey) - 92/67; Steve T (Ewell, Surrey) 59/36;
Steve W (Hawes, N Yorks) - 91/48; Stewart S (Howick, Northumberland) 131/65;
Sye W (Aston Clinton, Bucks) - xx/31; Tony B (Woodford, London) 69/49;
Wes A (Capel, Surrey) - 96/77


bob smith said...

no new species but 5 Common Buzzard thermalling was a good sighting.

BirdingCheech said...

I am not too knowledgeable regarding the rules to this, as I am newish to birding. But today from my house/garden I could hear Skylarks and I could hear a Tawny Owl which I have seen in Langley Vale words before but not seen or heard from my garden before. If I am allowed to add these to my garden number, then my new number is 38. Two new firsts for my Garden,

Cheech 38
Langley Vale

Steve Gale said...

Bob - it’s been good for Buzzards here too. Never tire of watching them.

Cheech - heard only records are OK. I have updated this post with your new sightings.

The Hairy Birder said...

Hello Steve,

Two additions to my lockdown list up to and including 12th April; Grey Heron and Swallow. This takes me to 35 species for the period.



Seumus E Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire