Better images in Blogger!

Two identical images of a Corn Bunting appear below. Both have been loaded onto this post, with Blogger's automatic default settings imposed. The bottom picture has gone through a simple manual tweak which I hope you can see has improved the image greatly.

This is how you can improve the quality of your images on Blogger. As you are composing your post, and have uploaded your image(s), click on the HTML tab (arrowed below).

Now you will see the underlying HTML code (below). All of your written words still appear as you have typed them, but the pictures that you have uploaded appear as code. The code contains numbers that are instructions as to how large, and at what resolution, the picture will appear and where it sits on the page. I have highlighted each of the Corn Bunting pictures with a red box. Everything is identical bar one thing - which I have circled in purple - the 's' figure. Blogger will set this at a bog standard 640 or 400. All you need do is alter this to 1600. It's as simple as that. Your images will now appear sharper.


Gavin Haig said…
Have you tried composing a post in the 'new' blogger yet Steve? It didn't give my uploaded images an 's' number at all. So when a reader clicked on them, all they would get is the 640-pixel x-large size I use in post composition. Disaster! Html tweaking needed for every one.
Dylan Wrathall said…
Whilst I am in admiration of the advice on offer; being a complete numbty with computer stuff, you might just as well be talking Chinese? My own experiences with the "New Blogger" were horrendous and will see the end of my blog on Google if I'm forced to use it. I'm already exploring the Word Press alternative, as used by Gareth Craddock, et al.
martinf said…
Given how dreadful my images are I’m not sure anyone would notice the difference!!
I nearly always process my images at the resolution that they will be displayed at in blogger, which corresponds to the width I've set the reading panel to. So then i just click on "original size" and I'm done. Hopefully the new version is similar.
Steve Gale said…
Thanks for all your comments - I’m sticking to the current Blogger platform having tried the new version, purely because I’m comfortable with it. We all seem to have our own ways of lifting the image quality. Jono’s way of doing it is not one that I’ve considered.
Gavin Haig said…
Unless I've misunderstood, we shall eventually be forced to use the new Blogger platform (late July??) and the 'Legacy' version will be discontinued. Or have I read it wrong?

For what it's worth Steve, on my laptop (and phone) both your Corn Bunting photos come out exactly the same when I click on them.

Jono's method works well with his very wide reading pane. The NQS template has a much narrower pane, so photos sized at 640 pixels fit nicely, but when someone clicks on them I want them to display at 1040 (my upload size) and this has been the tricky thing for me to overcome in the new Blogger. Html editing has got round it, exactly as you describe here.

Dylan Wrathall said…
Steve, ]
I'm of the same opinion as Gavin - your images were identical on my laptop. If we are forced to change to the new version then, I'm afraid, Of Esox will cease to exist. Very sad that a decade of internet being is being brought to a close due to Google's desire to keep abreast of technological advances, not asking what their customers wish for? - Dyl

Steve Gale said…
Agreed. When you click on the images the poor one improves in quality, but if you just view the post - which most will - the bottom image is better.
Stewart said…
You lads had me worried there. I checked and I seem to be in new blogger and cant remember when I did it? Ages ago?
Like Jono, I cut a sql code and pasted it into the advanced design feature and now upload my pics at original size. The blogger fixes them at 750 on the post but you can see the full image when clicked. They look quite good to me.

Steve, I looked at both of your Corn Buntings on post and saw no diff, both looked great, When i clicked on the first it blew up in size, then the forward arrow. It did not change at all, so much so that unless I watched my finger I could tell when I flicked between the two. No worries though, both look great.

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