Painted Lady

A few weeks ago, while this blog was knee-deep in the #BWKM0 challenge, this Painted Lady alighted on a Choisya bush in the front garden. At the time there had been very few reported nationally, which made the sighting all the more notable. What was also arresting about this particular butterfly was how fresh it appeared, with hardly a scale out of place. I have seen just one more since.


martinf said…
I remember being on a stag do on Lundy in late May 2009. Waking early in my tent with a groggy head, I went for a walk to perk myself up. The walk was memorable for two things apart from the scenery, firstly 3 brambling seemed out of time and place and then once I found a comfy vantage point higher up the island, everywhere I looked were Painted Ladies, winging their way (mainly north). I sat and watched them for quite a while. Amazing butterflies and always glad when I come across one.
Steve Gale said…
Great reminiscing there Martin. Last June, in Crete, I was seeing thousands on the move, clouds of butterflies being put up from dry scrub or flying out to sea. Unforgettable.

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