(Not) a Cryptic Fern

The latest 'thing' in macro-moth identification is to go through your old images of The Fern (Horisme tersata) and see if you might have already recorded the newly separated Cryptic Fern (Horisme radicaria). My only image couldn't be a more obvious tersata if it tried, lacking the very obvious apical streak with accompanying paler area above. As Shaw Taylor used to say "Keep 'em peeled..." *

* If you are under 55, ask your parents who he is and why he used to say such a thing...


Dylan Wrathall said…
Shaw Taylor - now there's a blast from my very murky past. In 1970 (pre decimal money) my family were living in Leverstock Green - a new neighbourhood within the umbrella of Hemel Hempstead. Just up the road was a Brock's firework factory/site at Cupid Green and one of the much older lads had nicked a dumper truck and driven over to the wooden sheds, stealing many thousands of Roman Candles which were priced at one shilling - so needing to be relabelled as five new pence!
All of the local oiks got involved and we had shoe boxes stuffed full, hidden under our beds. On that Sunday lunch time when this incident was a "keep em peeled" end of program report, my two brothers and I were sat with my parents watching Police Five. We were looking at each other, inwardly frightened by this turn of events, but very smug in the fact that our school teacher parents didn't have a clue. It turned out that what the guy had also taken was a bunch of smoke devices which the railway companies used to test air flow through the tunnels, thus potentially very dangerous. It was a very long time ago, but it does make me smile, looking back at those times spent in such delinquent company whilst my parents thought butter wouldn't melt in our mouths - Dyl!
Steve Gale said…
Great tale Dyl. One for the autobiography!

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