A chocolate button a day...

This morning, when the postman handed me a small brown parcel, I wondered whether or not I had forgotten about some strange natural history equipment that I had ordered - a gnat's nether region detector box or possibly an electric shock depth charger for water beetles. When I turned the package over my sender was revealed - 'Haig, Seaton, Devon'. This could mean only one thing - Chocolate Buttons!

For a while now, that Londoner/Devonian has owed me Chocolate Buttons big time. World Wars have been fought over lesser instances of debt. As I feverishly ripped open the brown paper, licking my salivating lips, I had already started to imagine lying on the grass, tipping the whole of the bags contents into my wide open mouth in a homage to Homer Simpson.

Not only was there a bag of buttons - GIANT buttons - but a card addressed to 'Tick Ticker'. It read, 'Please find enclosed well-known cure for Lyme disease. Correct dose is 2 tablets, 4 times a day, but latest research suggests efficacy vastly improved by consuming all the tablets with a single cup of tea or coffee. Enjoy! Gavin'

Such concern amongst the blogger fraternity is humbling. I now feel as if I can bin the antibiotics my GP prescribed in favour of this confectionery medication. Maybe eat them as I watch England stutter win against Ukraine this evening.

Many thanks Gav. I've now called off the heavies...


Gavin Haig said…

Oh, I should have mentioned - these tablets can be addictive...

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