A few for the pan list

The hoverfly Eristalis pertinax
A day spent 'pottering' about (what a great middle-aged word 'pottering' is). The upshot of it was I found 10 pan list ticks for myself, all of them common. I spent a fruitful half hour checking the flowering heads of Hogweed that had attracted a fair number of insects. If you can spot any schoolboy errors, please let me know. New pan-list total is now 3092.

Diaea dorsata in the garden

Pamene aurana, up to six of these micro moths


Dave Boyle said…
How you doing with the micros Steve?
Everything I've managed to identify on Skomer so far comes down to one of two or three & you need to look at their bits
Steve Gale said…
I never look at a moth's bits Dave, and not because I'm a prude, I just cannot find the time to get so critical about things. Big, colourful and easy are best! Joking apart, the new micro book is a big help, if only to narrow down the search and then (if you want to), investigate further. How's Skomer?
Dave Boyle said…
Skomer's good thanks Steve but weather's been pretty bad - hardly seen a butterfly all year apart from Red Admirals & Painted Ladys but fortunately hardly catching any micros either! Seabirds not having their best year, especially Kittiwakes & Razorbills

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