Rosemary's beetle

I couldn't resist the cheap pun in the headline and apologise to any younger readers that think film making is all about Jabba the Hut, 3D glasses and Johnny Depp doing poor Keef Richards impersonations...

I received a text at work from my daughter Jessica, telling me that she had potted up a 'pretty beetle' that she had found on the lavender in our garden - that's my girl! I was delighted to find that it was a Rosemary Beetle (Chrysolina americana). Please click here for a good digest of its distribution and status.

What about my suspected Lyme Disease I hear you wonder? Thank you for asking! Well, three antibiotic doses in, the red rash has diminished and I felt decidedly spaced out earlier.


Very nice! I keep tapping our Rosemary over an inverted umbrella for this beetle in vain. I shall have to tap the lavender gently though.

Hope you are getting well now.
Jerry said…
Steve, I've seen them at Holmethorpe - on lavender near the Watercolour lagoons.
Steve Gale said…
Andrew, are they not rarer out towards Devon?

Jerry, a good subject for a painting - beetle on lavender? Think of the colour juxtaposition
Apparently so Steve but not impossible. A few records in Devon on the NBN Gateway. Who knows what we can find as you will see in an imminent write up on my blog.

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