Little to report except for a few worthy blogs

With Wryneck at Wanstead and Common Rosefinch* at Wormwood Scrubs, plus a sprinkling of flycatchers, Common Redstarts and Tree Pipits, the London area has a fair number of goodies to get even the most jaded birder out of the armchair and into the field.

Yesterday I spent at least four hours combing the fields and hedgerows at Canons Farm. Not one warbler was seen or heard, let alone any of the species mentioned above. In fact, apart from the ever increasing hordes of Carrion Crows, Jackdaws and Wood Pigeons, there was little on offer. Did I get down in the mouth about that? No, not really. Apart from a couple of brief showers the sun shone, and a good number of butterflies were on the wing, including one fresh Brown Argus at Fame's Rough.

Just before leaving, a low flock of 10 Swallows arrowed across the open fields, purposely heading westwards. For them, a long journey to South Africa beckoned. For me, a short journey back home to a cup of tea and a sandwich was on the cards.

I've also added more blogs to my worthy list, all three from Gavin Haig's neck of the woods - Steve Waite, Karen Wooley and Tim White, who seem to spend all of their time trying to grip off Gavin, and let's face it, seeing Mr Haig spends most of his time on a racing bike that is becoming somewhat easier. Having recently visited the area, I can read these posts with added interest. I think between these three, and an autumnally motivated Gavin, there is much of interest to be reported in the coming months. A big Yankee twitch could well be on the cards.

*What was wrong with Scarlet Rosefinch?


Jerry said…
Yes Steve, like you I wandered over to a quiet 'local patch' (Watercolour) briefly yesterday afternoon. Although we have all been there, too many birders seem to get way too anxious about their birding. I'm happy to be able go out, not see anything much, come home for a nice cuppa and thoroughly enjoy it (er well most of the time, honest!).
Steve Gale said…
It's almost an art in itself to be able to take such an approach to birding Jerry. If you possess it then it makes it all the more fulfilling.

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