My top 50 tracks

A few months ago I treated you to my Top 50 albums, so I thought it only fair to now share my Top 50 tracks - although I did make a rule that meant that no artist (or band) could have more than one entry. That's not to say that an artist hasn't cropped up more than once...

A favourite track should do many things - elicit emotion, inspire, remind you of a place (or person), excite, make life better. I have put them in an order (number one first) and if I carried out this daft process again next week would have them in a different order (and maybe a few new tunes would appear). Here goes (and with apologies to Andrew Cunningham).

Who Knows Where The Time Goes - Fairport Convention
Itchycoo Park - The Small Faces
Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young
Public Image Ltd - PiL
Your My Best Friend - Queen
Hyacinth House - The Doors
Heroes - David Bowie
Prologue - Kate Bush
Perfect Day - Lou Reed
Name of the Game - Abba
Free Man In Paris - Joni Mitchell
Wooden Ships - Crosby, Stills and Nash
The Sea - Sandy Denny
Someone Saved My Life Tonight - Elton John
Dead Beat Club - B52s
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
She Said, She Said - The Beatles
Strange Magic - ELO
The Last Resort - The Eagles
Dead Souls - Joy Division
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
Invisible Ink - Amie Mann
Teardrop - Massive Attack
Family Entertainment - The Undertones
Procession - New Order
Give a Little Bit - Supertramp
The Wild Ones - Suede
Salinas - Laura Marling
She's Gone - Hall & Oates
Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros
Woman In Chains - Tears for Fears
Under The Bridge - Ret Hot Chilli Peppers
Feel Flows - Beach Boys
One Day Like This - Elbow
Lucky - Radiohead
Room At The Top - Tom Petty
Losing My Edge - LCD Soundsystem
Come Together - Primal Scream
The State I'm In - Belle and Sebastian
Wake Up - Arcade Fire
Clever Trevor - Ian Dury
Golf Girl - Caravan
Dignity - Deacon Blue
Domino - Cocteau Twins
Release The Stars - Rufus Wainwright
Decatur - Sufjan Stevens
Chemical World - Blur
Rhythm of the Heat - Peter Gabriel
Caravan Girl - Goldfrapp
New Rose - The Damned

There you go, lots of 'guilty pleasures' on show, but I've carried some of these tunes with me for over forty-five years. Each one of them mean something to me, and I would rather empty my birding life list than lose any of these musical wonders.


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