Two garden ticks

The MV welcomed the second new macro moth species of 2013 onto the garden list - a White-point (above). I hadn't really been expecting one to come along, but really should have done. The most up-to-date distribution maps shows a plethora of dots all around me - if you live south of a line from The Wash to the Bristol Channel then you're in with a shout.

The second garden 'first' was also a pan-species tick - an Oak Bush-cricket. Admittedly they are common, and I have most probably seen this species many times before, but this is the first time that I've bothered to put a name to it.


Gibster said…
Oak Bush-cricket was a lifer? I'm shocked and stunned, lol. You know about Southern Oak Bush-cricket too? Wingless yet just as likely on your ceiling as the other and in your area!
Steve Gale said…
Yes Seth, very poor show, I know... funnily enough, I have seen Southern Oak Bush-cricket already, as I was shown one by Derek Coleman in his back garden. There are most probably several hundred pan-ticks in my garden right now if I knew what I was looking at.

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