Round-leaved Wintergreen

I was taken, blindfolded, to a place on the North Downs that is handily within my uber patch boundaries. On the threat of binocular confiscation I was sworn to secrecy. The picture above is of Round-leaved Wintergreen, a very rare plant in Surrey and local elsewhere in the UK. A return in the summer to see it in flower is on the cards.


Gibster said…
Never mind those dodgy-looking violets, check out the Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus carpet! ;)
Steve Gale said…
I've put a single leaf picture on the post just in case you thought they were violets Seth - from the overall picture the leaf bases do look a bit heart-shaped and not paddle like. The single leaf shot clears that up. As for the moss, of course I didn't identify it. I need people like you around to do that!

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