A Rambler!

I was awoken this morning by my PA, her excitement obvious.

"You've only gone and bloody done it!" she told me. This could mean but one thing...

North Downs and Beyond has been awarded the Randon's Rambler, bird bloggings equivalent of an Oscar, BAFTA and Brit Award rolled into one. Previous winners have included the 'BBC News', 'Big Tits Mature' and 'When Redhill CCTV gets rude'.

The man behind the Rambler's is one Neil Randon. You might have seen him walking around Holmethorpe Sand Pits (sponsored by BetFred). He spends as much time reading The Sporting Life as he does Birdwatch magazine, and in a recent interview with Autumnwatch admitted that he'd rather be a Formula One pit stop monkey than a member of the UK400 club. He is also known as Factor, a name that he uses to stealthily flit between a variety of patches - Holmethorpe, Staines Reservoir and Tices Meadow.

The trophy will be handed over at a sumptuous awards ceremony that is to be held along the flooded footpath that crosses The Moors, Holmethorpe (as soon as the water level drops under five foot). Gordon Hay is rumoured to be lined-up as the Master of Ceremonies.

In other news: the first bird of the year was a Dunnock, calling from the back garden in a stygian gloom. And the 2014 moth list has already started, with a hardy little Light Brown Apple Moth (Epiphyas postvittana) being found in the porch.


Factor said…
I like that - from here on in they will be known as the Ramblers. Don't forget to bring your wellies for the ceremony, also for your chance to pose for photographs on the flood carpet.

My first bird of the year was Collared Dove, followed by a House Sparrow... God, I don't think I can face starting again with a year list!
Steve Gale said…
No listing in 2014 Neil, just enjoy!
mike N. said…
And a Happy New year to you Galey!!
Steve Gale said…
And to you Mike. Any Tree Sparrows left?
mike N. said…
SawONE on Sunday at hide feeder-ringing sites 4 foot under water!

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