In a classroom in Hythe...

St. Evans Infant School, Hythe
PC R. Dear is talking to a classroom full of six-year olds about road safety

Now, who can tell me what is happening in this photograph?

There are people standing watching a lorry sir

Well, almost, look again. They're not actually watching it, are they. They are all looking across the road in the same direction, paying no attention to it at all. And look at those two people standing on the right-hand side of the road. In fact, they are standing in the road. They are paying no attention to the lorry at all. Now, who can tell me what the lorry is doing?

It is swerving away from those two people.

That right! Well spotted. Because they are standing in a silly place they have forced the lorry driver to move out into the road to avoid hurting them. But can you see what is in the road walking towards the lorry?

A man and a dog.

Yes, a man and a dog. And why is the man and a dog having to walk in the road?

Because there's a gang of strange men with long things blocking the pavement.

Yes, there is. Is this a sensible thing to do?


No, it isn't. And we also saw women with children having to walk in the road as well. Not only is this dangerous for the women and their children, it is a selfish act on the part of the gang of men.

Why are the men there sir?

Believe it or not, they are trying to see a bird.

Is that why they are making things dangerous for people?

Yes they are.

But do they not know that they are doing dangerous things?

They are barely aware of anything else around them, I'm afraid to say.

Are these people twitchers?

Yes, that's a good observation to make. What's your name?


Well Paul, how did you hear about twitchers.

My Dad likes birds.

Is he a twitcher?

No, he keeps birds in cages. He isn't very happy though.

Why not?

Because all these winds keep blowing the cages down and his birds keep flying away.

Oh, I'm sorry to here that. What sort of birds does he keep?

Lot's of different herons...

(Photograph by Paul Trodd,


Unknown said…
Good thing it wasn't an Eddie Stobart* or there would be two lots of problems.

*(Full of herons)
Steve Gale said…
There is much mileage and fun still to come from this scenario Andrew!
Unknown said…
There not many photos with a lorry, a campervan, a boat, a dog and some numpties in it

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