White-spot Groundling

My plea for help in identifying a mystery micro-moth was accepted by Bill Dykes who named it as the Gelechid Neofriseria peliella, also known as White-spot Groundling. It is an extremely local species in the UK, the NBN Gateway suggesting that it is only to be found in the Dungeness and Rye Harbour area. It's food plant is Sheep's-sorrel. Dave Walker, warden of Dungeness Bird Observatory, tells me that it is extremely abundant there.

This all came about when I stumbled upon a folder from 2012 full of images from my stay at Dungeness in July of that year. These moths had puzzled me but remained unresolved - that is, until Mr Dykes lent me his expertise...


Billy Dykes said…
Glad I could help, mate. I'm sure you'd do the same for me when it comes to plants... and fungi... and just about every other taxon for that matter!

Steve Gale said…
Plants, maybe Bill - Fungi...never!

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