Banstead Bosphorus

With work being done on the house, I had need to be at home these past two days. When the fog burnt off on each morning, I took advantage of the clear skies and warm temperature and sat in the garden with my binoculars. Yesterday a flock of 4 Common Buzzards moved through, all spiralling directly above me before picking up an airflow to their liking and purposefully heading eastwards, as if on a conveyor belt.

Today I had three Common Buzzards for company for most of the middle part of the day, with much displaying and calling. What wasn't hanging around however was a superb Red Kite, that seemed to pick up the same air flow as yesterday's Buzzards, heading off eastwards with little ceremony.

Not that many years ago such sightings in the south-east of England, let alone my garden, would have seemed highly fanciful.


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