Although the number of species that we record is not the be-all and end-all of our efforts, it is something that can focus the mind and add a bit of fun to the proceedings. So, for next years mini-Uber bash, I've set myself some targets...

Not the most ornithologically blessed of areas, but when you consider that I've seen Ring-necked Duck and Dotterel within its confines then there is always hope. And don't be fooled by that duck - not for me will there be mornings spent scoping wildfowl, as there is no water body larger than a town park pond - which is exactly where that duck decided to spend two consecutive winters (Bourne Hall, Ewell). My aspirations climb no higher than a shrike, Wryneck or harrier, but is likely to get no better than a Ring Ouzel or Pied Flycatcher.

A bit of a punt this figure, and should be easily reachable if I try my hand at grasses and sedges - oh, and ferns! There is some cracking habitat, from the rarity-choked Fames Rough, the orchid haunted Howell Hill and plenty of varied habitat to record a cross section of species. Wetland plants will be thin on the ground.

A good year can see 275 macros in the garden, so chuck in the micros, plus a bit of sweeping on the chalk downland and I should surpass my target figure. A good migrant year can up the excitement, although the recent good spell only produced a couple of Rusty-dot Pearls  - most disappointing.

I'm blessed with plenty of quality on my doorstep - Purple Emperor, Silver-spotted Skipper, Brown Hairstreak and Silver-washed Fritillary for starters, although adding more to this total will be hard - it would need a real goody to turn up.


Gibster said…
And mosses, Steve, can't forgot the mosses ("oh yes I bloody well can - and have" says Steve!)
Steve Gale said…
Seth, I like them, but not next year... Enjoy NZ!

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