Brief encounters

Instead of giving you a verbose account of each of the four unlucky moments that didn't quite make the Top 10, I'm cutting a wordy corner and am dishing up this particular course on a paper plate with plastic knives and forks - rest assured, the Top 10 will be served on best china with accompanying posh cutlery!

Maiden Pink
October 22 1982 Dungeness Thrush Rush
I've only just written about this so, if you missed it or want your memory jogged, click here.

July 1 2007 Breckland Plants
A whistle-stop tour of some of the finest sites on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, all of them that held some very special plants indeed, in the company of three knowledgable and agreeable companions - Peter Follett, Stephen Clarke and Barry Phillips. We virtually cleaned up, with my highlights being Proliferous Pink, Maiden Pink and Spiked Speedwell. To cap it all, a Marbled Clover (moth) joined in with the fun!

July 4 2012 Dungeness Oppen pits revisited
Thirty years after my last visit to the only natural water body on the shingle, I returned. I chose a glorious day to venture down memory lane, this time armed with an appreciation of the botanical gems that the pits harbour. Alone and at peace, I wandered around the two main pits and drank in the secluded grandeur before me. I found a blanket of moss and lichen to lie upon, looked up into the blue sky and thanked whoever might be listening for providing such natural wonder. There is something magical about this tucked-away and little known part of Dungeness.

March 17 2013 Juniper Bottom Hawfinches
In the past I've posted at length about this event, so if you want to investigate further please click here, here and here.

Hidden Dungeness - the magical world that is The Oppen Pits


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