Sunday, 9 November 2014

The forgotten bird

Twenty years ago this autumn I saw one of the rarest species on my British list. Far rarer than the Wallcreepers that I always bang on about. And yet this species seems to have faded from my memory bank, never brought out to parade before the birding youth that I meet from time to time. It was a startlingly good looking bird. What was it? A male Red-throated Thrush. You can see an image of the very same bird here. Not bad, is it? So why has this particular bird dropped off of my radar? No idea.

*If you click through to the image, it is dated September 1993. It was, in fact, 1994.


Gibster said...

Was a thoroughly amazing bird, as I recall...initially gave us the run-around behind some houses, then in a field, then behind more houses. Eventually caught up with it in a tree after a frantic couple of hour's panic. Later we had it on the undercliff where it showed superbly. Only downer of the day was meeting a fella who reckoned he'd had a female Sardinian Warbler in the scrub which never reappeared. The Red-throated Thrush was SO much more satisfying than the Naumann's which I twitched via train as a schoolboy lout. Somewhere I have photo's of each, bought on subsequent twitches as was the norm back in them thar days :)

Steve Gale said...

Sounds like we went on the same day - a Saturday. Also saw a Barred Warbler just up the road!