Shedding another skin

Over the years I've shed an ornithological skin on more than one occasion. From novice to keen lister: from twitcher to keen patcher; from confused birder to content wanderer; and now I can feel my current skin peeling away to reveal... what?

All of my recent 'looking back' postings feels a bit like tidying up the past in readiness for something new - the next chapter in life's birding adventure, I suppose. I've not been so excited about a new project for an age, and this is but a modest one, based on my very local patches. Maybe this is what has captivated me so much, the simplicity of putting 40 years of experience into a largely non-birding arena. What is out there? What will I find? What will I miss?

To ensure that I don't get to disheartened during the inevitable dry periods, my eyes will be taking in the plants, butterflies and moths for which the area is justly renowned. But it is the birds that will take up most of my efforts. 

What price a Turtle Dove….?


David Campbell said…
I'm looking forward to the results of your efforts, Steve. It's about time the local area was graced with a scarce passerine. How about a rare pipit or bunting?
Steve Gale said…
David, if only... Dicks Pipit at Canons?
Gibster said…
How about a Wallcreeper roosting on Epsom Clock Tower this winter? Not that you need Wallcreeper...............
Steve Gale said…
I'll let you know when it appears Seth!

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